Retail Project 3 - Image 2


Lion Brand Yarn “Outlet”, Carlstadt NJ

Designing the Lion Brand Outlet store was one of the hardest projects I’ve ever done, simply because it was difficult to create a space that read like a “discount” store, but which paid homage to the stunning studio space we had designed as the Lion Brand full price store on East 15th street in NYC. The final concept has exposed ductwork and plumbing, hanging track lighting from threaded rod (in abundance) and includes Castor industrial lights (fantastic bundled burnt out fluorescent tube lights, surrounding LED fixtures) in every row separating the industrial shelving units. I basically cleaned up the “shell” of the space by painting the walls, ceiling and exposed components in Ben Moore Decorator’s white, and epoxying the floor in Ben Moore Grey Owl. Then used standard “off the shelf” industrial storage units on casters (they were blue and orange, so fun!) to house the yarn in it’s boxes. I punctuated the ceiling with huge hanging acrylic signs in bright colors each with a word of “encouragement” laser cut into it. The Lion Brand “word cloud” which ran in their catalogue once had been germane to this idea. Also, the back wall was painted the same “happy” blue that I’d used in the NYC outlet, another nod in that direction.

Finally, I cleaned up the “café” area by simply adhering particle board sheets to the floor, and coating them heavily with polyurethane. Then I had the wall covered ½ in chalkboard paint, and ½ in bulletin board. The furniture is all fun and modern. Much of it has knit covers made by the staff! It’s a great place to relax and work on your projects.