Retail Project 2 - Image 3


Lion Brand Yarn “Kiosk Concept” within Joann’s

For the Albany Joann’s “Super store”, I was hired to create a “store within a store” for Lion Brand. They had begun honing their image as an upscale and unique yarn company, and they wanted to stand out inside the vast array of merchandise within the Joann’s super centers, which are approximately 30,000 sf each.

My idea was simple: frame the merchandise aisle with an eco-friendly material (I specified kirei board, which I had also used as the POS station in the full price NYC Lion Brand studio), emphasize the name (we laser cut LION BRAND YARN in the wooden headers), simplify the shelving- economically (I hid the existing wire bins behind long sheets of opaque acrylic), and clean up the signage! Previously, Joann’s had applied barcode stickers haphazardly stuck to the acrylic bins for pricing. The stickers peeled off, and looked terrible after a week or two. I came up with a laminated card tag that is chained to the acrylic face sheet, spaced at set intervals. Additionally, I designed a skein- shaped vertical blade sign that advertised the yarn in each bay, and localized the knit swatch that LB wanted the customer to be able to feel. The final touch was to create logo emblazoned backer-boards to hide the horrible pegboard that existed within the stores. The finished look is clean, modern and well branded. Happily the public agree… sales skyrocketed after the opening of this beautiful little boutique!