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A Dream Comes True: The Lion Brand Yarn Studio Opening in NYC
by Michaela Murphy, managing editor

…Oh, the studio! It is simply beautiful. One wall is lined with the gorgeous skeins of Lion Brand yarns, and the opposing wall "waves" with inspiration stations: a yarn swatching area, state-of-the-art computers, and a coffee bar to commune around. The entire space is beautifully lit and features eco-friendly, green design in the sleek bamboo floors and countertops. This is heaven for the fiber-arts enthusiast and a transformational space for anyone: Simply standing inside of this space brings on a burst of creativity. As for myself, my flu symptoms seemed to disappear, and all I wanted to do was knit something fantastic. (I picked up some Lion Brand Thick N Quick and whipped up a fab scarf for the birthday girl over the weekend.)

Well done, Lion Brand! Yet another wonderful thing to give thanks for this week.